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Are you searching for safe meetings in Internet? Then register on our site! All women pass several stages of checking before activation of their profiles. We do not pay for girls for writing the letters. We do not sell contact information. You can exchange your contact information with the woman after some short period of communication on the site. Please, do not send your email address in the first letter to a woman as it appears to be very characteristic for scammers so it can scare women. You should not pay per contact on our site. You pay for period of membership during which you can communicate with women unlimitedly.

Tell your woman how much you love and value her. It is very important for women to hear soft and tender words of love which prove your feelings to her. Do not forget that Love is those emotions which we give to our partner.

Dream togther about your future together so you will be able to see how your woman is seeing your future life together. In this conversation you will be able to understand if you really have a common idea about family life.


Thousands of women from CIS and Baltic countries want to find their prince! Dear men, here you can meet women from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and many other countries. Be active in commuication, it will speed up your searches!



Beautiful women are waiting for their men!

Where one can find a partner in Internet? Which dating sites work better? Many men are asking these questions to themselves. Look at statistics of wedings on our site and you will see how many people found their happiness!

Statisctics of weddings on our site: 2-4 weddings a day in autumn, somewhat less in winter - 4 weddings a week, 4-8 weddings a week in spring. Maybe, next wedding will be yours!

People around you are meeting each other, fall in love, create families and become happy parents. Do not waste your time and take the first step on your way to happiness! Our women are already here waiting for you!

Upload your best photos to your profile

Do not forget that the more qualitative are the photos - the more women will pay attention to your profile. Without bright, interesting photos of high quality your profile will be noticed by a very few women. Even if you wantto ignore this fact results of Internet-dating depend a lot upon good photos. Vivid, funny photos from real life will show a part of your character to women.

We do not sell your contacts. You are just communicating with the women and search for your destiny in a safe way. We do not pay to anybody for writing letters. We have real people on the site who are searching for real relationships! If you decided to search for a wife abroad then it means that our international dating site is for you. Thousands of women are ready to create family with a man from abroard. Everyone of us wants to be happy. Mutual love will definitely bring you positive emotions. Family starts from first meeting, first glance. It is very important not to pass your destiny. Maybe you will recognize your half at once, at first glance on the photo or at first letter. Or maybe you will understand that you want to spend life with a woman only after having communicated some time with her. The main thing in communication is honesty. Do not give hope to those women who are not interesting for you. Write sincerely to them that you have already found somebody, or that you are searchig for another type of women and wish them good luck. What if you are already tired of waiting for responses, checking your mailbox several times a day? Do you need a fast and dynamic conversation? Then download our free Chat so you will be able to communicate with your woman online. Quite often communication in real time shows a person better that well-though letters. Reaction of the person to your words, her style of communication online will show somehow if there is harmony in communication between you and the woman whom you chose in case of a real meeting!

Did it happen in your life that just having met a person you understand at once that this a meeting for the whole life? It will pass in your head "Finally I have found you!" We wish sincerely to all the men on our site to fall in love with a wonderful woman who deserves that! We wish your feelings to be mutual and finally develop in big Love!!! Use Search page of our international dating site and look through the galleries of women. Thousands of women from different countries of CIS came to the site in search of a husband.


Dating site where you can really find a woman of your dreams which will become your destiny. Also you will be able to find good penpals or have a virtual romance which can further develop into something more. On our site you will find thousands of profiles with photos, instant search, voting in contests of photos, If You Like Me game, psychologic testing and a lot of other things.

International families are always picturesque and interesting, as mix of 2 cultures will give interesting family stories which you will tell to your children and grandchildren. Children in international families as a rule are more developed as they have a possibility to speak 2 languages from being infant, to know history of 2 nationalities to which belong their mom and dad.

It is so much difficult to find a person who will match your perfect. Especially difficult it is in Internet where you do not see people in usual sphere of their communication, you cannot see character and temper of a person. If you cannot make a choice personally and intuition does not give too much advice then use the test which determines pscychologic compatibility. Our site provides a unique possibility at initial stage of communication to see your compatibility with the women. After registration you need to answer questions of the test which will show your character, open your inner world. Women pass the same psychologic testing. When you look through profiles of women the system of the site will automatically show result of your compatibility. Next to every profile you can see 5 hearts, if all 5 hearts are red it means a very good compatibility. It does not guarantee that you fall in love with each other but in our practice without psychological compatibility relationships are very rare to be good or there can appear problems on a later stage. If compatibility is not good then read about problems which will appear and decide if you can handle them.

You do not speak foreign languages? At initial stage of communication free online translator will help you, it is located in mailbox of every user. To use online translator open your mailbox, there below every incoming letter you will see a link Translate. Click it and receive translation automatically. But if you really want to meet a woman from abroad and create a family with her then try to learn her language at least on a basic level.

Ahead to happiness

Many people suffer depression because of being lonely and forgotten by people.

If you also suffer from these emotions fight with them. To fight with depression walk in fresh air more in bright sunny days, have a cup of coffee with chocolate as these products are a trigger of good mood for our organism. And such a simple phrase as "EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD!" makes us believe it in magic way. Of course, you can escape feeling lonely when you are with a woman whom you love. If you do not have this woman yet then simple communication with women on our dating site will charge you with interest to life and good mood.


Red hearts below photos mean your compatibility with every user on the site (system of the site is programmed like this). If below photos you see all red hearts it means a good compatibility, pink ones - so so (average), violet ones - bad compatibility.

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